Corporate Catering With a Backyard BBQ Feel

There is more to corporate catering than just showing up with excellent food. You want options. Besides that, your corporate event is most likely completely different from someone else’s. That’s why choices matter. That said, you want to imbue the affair with a comfortable backyard BBQ feel. Is this possible? You bet!

Defining Your Corporate Event

There are typically four unique occasions that will have you involve a caterer.

  1. Meetings. Some meetings might only involve five to ten participants. Others might find you hosting several departments. Flexibility is the name of the game.
  2. Lunch and learn events. These are events where the food takes a bit of a backseat. Presentations, speakers, and announcements might take center stage. Even so, you want the meal to be just as memorable.
  3. Client events. Is it time to wow a new client? Maybe you are hosting a client appreciation event that allows your sales staff to rub elbows with current and former customers and perhaps forge new business relationships. The food has to be on point.
  4. Employee events. Whether it is a holiday party, summer appreciation event, or family fun for everyone on the staff roster, a BBQ is precisely right. But should it be self-serve, sit-down, or something else altogether?

Work with a Corporate Catering Company That Meets Your Needs

No matter how large or small the corporate event might be, it is not simple. Similarly, there is nothing easy about planning it. Putting together this type of occasion can put stress on even the most experienced office managers. Relax! When you work with a catering expert who has done many corporate functions, you are in good hands.

Not only can you trust that the food will be fantastic, but this specialist has the event services connections to take quite a few of the planning steps off your hands. The pro can bring you the tables, chairs, and linens you need. Sound and even DJ services will not be a problem. Last, but not least, there is the food. A distinct backyard BBQ feel can come in a surprising number of ways.

Enjoy BBQ Catering That Your Guests Will Remember

Delivery services work well for the small meeting. Place an order within 48 hours of the scheduled meal, and your food arrives in eco-friendly disposable containers. A service and delivery option keeps staff members at your beck and call. Food is set up. This is for larger events where food is somewhat of an add-on.

For the full experience of the quintessential backyard barbecue, only the full catering setup will do. As the smells of pulled pork and sliced beef brisket waft across the venue, you see employees lining up. Pulled smoked chicken adds another layer of irresistible scent to the area. Go for the gusto with house smoked chicken wings.

However, do not forget about the sides! What would a BBQ be without the baked beans, Southern coleslaw, Southern-style green beans, or macaroni and cheese? For some, these side dishes are just as important as the main attractions themselves. Roasted veggie lasagna is an excellent option for anyone who is staying away from meat.

Discover the ease with which you can plan your next corporate catering event. Low Country Catering is just a quick call away and ready to make your event stand out for all of the right reasons! Contact us today to get started on catering your event.